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Founded in 2014, Destiny Designers University®, “A CLASSROOM WITHOUT BORDERS; WHERE WE GRADUATE TO THE NEXT BEST VERSION OF OURSELVES BY TURNING INSPIRATION INTO RESULTS!” The curriculum is a unique suite of live and self-directed study on every aspect of entrepreneurship; teaching Faithpreneurs® (faith-based entrepreneurs who grow their wealth-generating practices around an affinity to God and FAITH) how to leverage Relationships, Resources and Revenue to create sustainable legacies by being cash-flow positive. 

The customized training delivered is based on Dr. Grant’s best selling book “Action Action Despite The Distraction… 7 Life Lessons to Thrive & Live Your Destiny Now!”. Destiny Designers University® hosts an annual gathering of Faithpreneurs®  at the Faithpreneur®  Weekend Experience every August as a tribute to the legacy of her Maternal Grandmother Pearl A. Rhoden. This resource-packed, 3 day live event attracts Faithpreneurs® far and wide for the Awards Gala, Conference Training, and VIP Prayer Breakfast. To enroll or find out more information you can visit: www.DestinyDesignersUniversity.com